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3 miscarriages, 3 babies born alive. Maybe someone will write that in my obituary some day. Obituaries are funny things. How does one sum up a persons life in just a few short words? It doesn’t seem fair. So much life happens in even just a few short years! But how does one write an […]

What Now?

Today, October 15, is pregnancy and infant loss remembrance day.  And this Sunday, October 21 is the one year anniversary of our fourth baby leaving us to be with Jesus. I find it fitting to break from my current blog series to speak to this for a moment. We had that October 2017 baby for […]

Grief is A Letting Go

She said, “A mother and child live the first great love story and there is no love story without loss, and this is always gain.” This was her description of relinquishing her 16 year old son to the initial stages of his adulthood journey. Certainly that is not my current reality! But it stopped me […]


Are you afraid of the future that 2018 holds for you? I know I’ve not exactly been confident. 2017 has been a hard year, and it has not been ending as expectedly well as we had hoped. Instead of experiencing the multiple family Christmas celebrations like we planned, our entire family has been house-bound with […]

Joy in Sorrow

Joy. Isn’t it what we all want? Joy that lasts forever; not the fleeting joy that comes and goes with the circumstances of our lives? I have had a good life, all things considered. But I have longed for joy. And with the losses of our babies this year, more than anything 2017 has un-earthed […]

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