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Eden's Mirror

Looking into the mirror of God's story

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Upon recently returning from overseas, my heart has been reflecting much on my experience of life as a Third Culture Kid. What follows below (and possibly more reflections to come on this blog) stem from those thoughts and feelings I’ve been processing as late. I share it here because perhaps there is another one of […]


There is a fragrance of resurrection everywhere you go. The images in nature can be stark: after a wildfire, green shoots of grass and fern push through the blackened horizon, and wildflowers sprout. The plain white flower of a bell pepper whithers and dies before the produce appears. Darkness falls before the dawn. This cycle is […]

Joy in Sorrow

Joy. Isn’t it what we all want? Joy that lasts forever; not the fleeting joy that comes and goes with the circumstances of our lives? I have had a good life, all things considered. But I have longed for joy. And with the losses of our babies this year, more than anything 2017 has un-earthed […]

My Christmas Gift

Have you ever noticed how much the words “longing,” “waiting”, and “hope” are in Christmas hymns? Those words have stood out to me uniquely this year, understandably. My heart is full of longing and waiting, and looking for hope these days as I continue the slow process of letting go of the sweet babies I […]

How to Hope From the Trenches

I am continually amazed at how Scripture acknowledges pain and suffering. I have been reading through Jeremiah, and just this week, traipsed into Lamentations, and let me just say, these have not been pleasurable readings. Over and over again, each morning, I am met with the stark reality of the wrath of God poured out […]

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