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Eden's Mirror

Looking into the mirror of God's story

Author / Cynthe


My ten month old is teething something crazy right now and she literally can’t bear the moments when I leave the room without her at my hip. There is a part of me (probably bigger than I’d care to admit) that finds it incredibly annoying. I am coming back to her, most likely within moments. […]

Pandemic Ponderings

“Is this virus Gods consequence for people who don’t love Him?” My five year old’s beady little eyes gazed at me with genuine interest. The virus hasn’t taken as much from our family as it has from many many others. My husband is still employed. My kids were already homeschooled. And we live in a […]

Soul Searching

This a very personal post. This is me doing some soul-searching reflections as I make sense of a COVID-19 society right alongside the rest of you. That means my writing might not be as pretty, and it is mostly targeted at sharing quite frankly how I’m making sense of things on my end. I hope […]

Make Something Beautiful

Everyone seems to have something to say about these strange times of pandemic. I’ve been hesitant to add my voice to the cacophony. But I’m a writer, I can’t help myself, even when it can feel like no one is really listening on the other side. There is a lot that could be said, has […]

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