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Eden's Mirror

Looking into the mirror of God's story

Author / Cynthe

1. Words of Life

July. Our apartment complex was on the summer tide – a constant ebb and flow of suitcases rolling up and down the concrete as families temporarily vacated for respite from the school years consuming rhythm of life. Nostalgia and expectation rode on the wheels of the worn baggage as parents and children reached for reprieve […]

A Free Tomato

I don’t recall the day exactly, but you can be assured, it was a day when our golden California sun brilliantly bathed our garden in its life-giving light. I must have been collecting the crop of my recently planted kale plants, or gathering our blue-green, dirt-brown, and crystal-white eggs from our chickens. That was when […]

I Met God in the Desert

This is a taste of Eden and the promise she yet holds for us: to behold God without effort. To see Him for who He is, without striving. To fear Him and yet desire Him because of His beauty and glory.

Edens Mirror

I currently reside in a white-washed concrete three bedroom apartment, crowded into a narrow inlet of land surrounded by sidewalks and a noisy thoroughfare. That roadway is packed into a puzzle of streets which stretch their concrete vines around every possible structure in its path. The city is like a weed, a ground-cover of pale […]

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