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Eden's Mirror

Looking into the mirror of God's story

Author / Cynthe

To Trust in Love

Little child, my precious girl, your heart is sad because your friends whom you love have to return to their overseas home. You don’t understand. You just want to be with them all the time! Little child, my precious girl, I know. You love them. Love hurts, doesn’t it? It rips out your heart, when […]

Death is Always Sorrowful

It used to be I only felt grief over the death of someone close to me, someone I had personal relationship with. But something in me has changed. I have come to recognize that death is sorrowful, no matter how near or far it is from you. So for you, an old friend, whose heart […]

The Injustice of Our Suffering

The other day, I saw my toddler throw an epic fit: on the floor, legs kicking, crocodile tears streaming, and a surprising utterance came out of her mouth as she cried: “why?” Her cries literally sounded like she was saying “why” over and over and over again. It stunned me, because it so clearly exemplified […]


3 miscarriages, 3 babies born alive. Maybe someone will write that in my obituary some day. Obituaries are funny things. How does one sum up a persons life in just a few short words? It doesn’t seem fair. So much life happens in even just a few short years! But how does one write an […]

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