Torrential waters formed the Grand Canyon, they say. Fierce, mighty waters.

I watch your soul tormented by Canyon-forming waters too — the waters of sorrow that wet your eyes day after day.

Waters form the canyons, they say.

Your waters are doing that too.

A Canyon is not empty, it is open. Deep, wide, vast. That too is your soul. The more our tears flow, the deeper and greater we feel. Not just the sorrow, but the joys.

Our tears form canyons for love to fill, the kind of love that doesn’t package up tidy and small. No, this Love is vaster than the deepest ocean. It requires a place to flow.

I pray His love flows into all the crevices your sorrow has made, because when it does, you won’t regret the tears you’ve shed. The scars of your sorrows will be like the painted walls of the Grand Canyon, beautiful and strong, having withstood the greatest of torrents.

So stand strong in your sorrows, and let the tears flow. They are channeling the deepest cavern so that your heart may more richly know the deepest love.

In honor of a dear friend fighting hard for life and healing.