Our church has been reading through the New Testament together as a congregation this year. How fitting to end the year reading through the last book of the Bible, Revelation. It is as other-worldly as it gets, and yet full of vivid descriptions of God’s power, wrath, judgment, and mercy. It has changed my outlook on what it means to hope for the return of Christ. But before I get to that, I wanted to share with you the reflections of a friend as she has read through Revelation during this Advent season.

So, today, guest writer Kaelyn Timmins shares her consideration of Revelation’s picture of the return of Christ. Kaelyn is an LA-based poet & writer with a heart for racial reconciliation and God’s multi-ethnic Church. Follow her on Instagram: @kaelyncove.

Revelation at Advent
Who can stand?
before this Savior King
who once could only crawl
How much protection will the caves offer
when the last seal is opened
and the earth shatters
Why at the end?
when the beginning was
a breath and an offering
a star and a child
an invitation to shepherds
hollow hands and breakfast
on the hazy shore
a parting and a cloud
and a promise —
Why at the end do we still not believe?
Who can stand
when there are no longer walks in the garden
dreams and wonders
young women and faithful men
We are faced only with a bleeding Lamb
and the stains on our hands
from the sins of the father
we did not warn
O that we could lie lower to the ground
than prostrate
Will He see us as children
vulnerable as He
Will we have only stars wandering in darkness
to herald our arrival
Did we keep the love that was given in uncast stones
Did we show mercy with fear
Was this child born for us?