I’ve been off Facebook for two and a half months now and I don’t miss it a bit. As an introvert, Facebook sapped me of my relational energies so that I didn’t have as much to offer the actual people in my life. That was my number reason for quitting Facebook and I’m so glad I did.

As such, I find I have more capacity to think and to read and to create. It has been on my bucket list since childhood to write a book, and I’m finally at a place now where I would like to pick up the pen again. In the last two months, I have scoured classic literature, such as Last of the Mohicans, and most recently Moby Dick. These great pieces of literature have inspired me to add my voice to the writer’s world.

But where to begin?

Everything I’ve ever read about writing says to write about what you love. So I’ve decided to start small. Each week, I want to find something beautiful in nature and then write about it. Because I love nature, and because I live in the city, and the beauty of nature is so often masked by buildings and noisy streets and crowds of people. I want to find God’s beauty hidden away amidst the noise and clutter of my ugly city.

I hope that doing so will accomplish a few things:

1) posture my heart before the Lord in worship (as I believe He intends for us to do when we see His beautiful creation)

2) exercise my writing skills

3) help lift up the eyes of my readers to the beauty of nature around them for the same benefits I derive from beholding God’s creation.

Thus begins my (hopefully) weekly series on #nature.

By the way, I intentionally am not using photographs in these posts because I am hoping my words will be sufficient to bring you in. We live in a visually-saturated world such that our brains can become used to only experiencing life visually. We all, myself included, need to practice and exercise the other parts of our brain, to engage in something with our imaginations. That is the power of words and the goal I also hope to accomplish in this series.

So, without further ado…#nature by Cynthe Burbidge.