Having just begun grad school, and having just finished my season in the 9-5 working world, I find myself engaging in my classes with a unique perspective that I suspect will begin to dwindle some as I go this semester. What follows is my attempt to “hold onto” it.

My college experience was incredible, but I was jolted quite a bit when engaging the working world, which does not concern itself with grades, ideas (good or bad), or critical thinking (well that probably depends on the job, I guess). It’s been six and a half years since I was in school full-time and I’m being refreshed spiritually by my studies.  But I am also wondering how I lost sight of some crucial and important concepts during my 9-5 job. My mental and intellectual stimulus came primarily from Sunday morning sermons, and whatever book or blog I was reading at the time.  I’m not sure how to reconcile these two experiences, but I find myself now as I read, saying “our churches need to teach this truth more!”

I’ve been given the gift of furthering my education. And I want to share that gift with others. So I will be taking a break from the sci-fi writings that have been my focus of writing recently, and instead, will focus on sharing tidbits of my education with the internet world (and those who so chose to read my blog). =) It is my hope that doing so will keep me engaged in this perspective that says having and maintaining a robust worldview is crucial for a healthy and alive Christian life. And hopefully, when I next step into a season without school, I will do much better at maintaining my worldview.