July 14

I’ve got to be more careful. I don’t know much longer I’ll have battery power. That “light” (for lack of a better word) put me right to sleep…or rest…or something. I don’t know much time has passed. It seems every time I try to calculate, to recall, my mind is clouded over. I think…yes, I was talking about days and nights and how they don’t exist here. Just this luminescence. It’s as if I discern it when I think of it, but then when I fix my attention elsewhere, it dims…not in its light…just in my conscience awareness. Ha. Now that I write that, I realize that’s not so different from home. I guess I forget about the sun when I’m not trying to focus on it.

Home! How did I get here? I just wish knew how I got here. Maybe that would give me a clue to where I am and why I’m here. What was I listening to? I feel like the song is on the tip of my tongue. But I can’t grasp it.

You know — I just realized: for however much time has passed, I feel no hunger or thirst.  Maybe not as much time as passed as I thought. How could I not at least be thirsty?

Am I…I couldn’t be…dead…….?

No. I can’t think that way. I think I’m in shock. My body feels no hunger or thirst because I’m so out of sorts. Yes. That makes more sense. Which means I ought to get something to eat and drink because my body won’t tell me when I need it…but what? I don’t dare approach that body of shimmering substance…but what?

…I guess I’ll wait a little longer. Maybe I’m not really thirsty after all…