July 13

I’ve been here for what seems like four days – maybe five – and I’m just now having a sense of mind to be able to record the happenings. Where do I begin?

I remember…why is this so vague in my mind?

I believe I was coming home from work – yes, that seems right. Driving in my car, listening to my music. What was the song? … it will come back to me.

All I remember is I looked down to change the song, and the next thing I know I was here. I am so scared. I don’t know how I got here. Argh – hold back the tears. It will be ok. How many times have I said that? Ok, ok. It’s going to be ok. At least I had my iPhone in my pocket to make these recordings in case someone finds me someday and wonders what happens to me. Not that I think the battery is going to last much longer…but it hasn’t died on me yet…

There must be someone who can make sense of all this. It is like I’m in another world. It is another world! I am sitting here beside what reminds me of a large, still pond, or lake. But the liquid isn’t reflective like water. It shimmers even though there seems to be no wind or tide. (Can I just call it water for sake of terminology?) The shimmer is vaguely like the way my diamond ring used to catch the sunlight, all brilliant and emanating this intangible diversity of auras.

Ahh! I hate feeling like I foreigner, like I’m trying to describe this place with such insufficient vocabulary. I don’t know how long I’ll be here…maybe there is another language in this place…I hope I’m not here long enough to have to find out.

I’ve met no-one. The shimmering liquid seems to be all that moves – at least where I am. I’ve not moved from where I “landed”. The first…well…I don’t know if you could call it day. This place is alight with a luminescence so thick you almost feel consumed by it. But it is a brilliant consummation – yes, even now, when I think of that first impression, it drives away my fear…

…for a moment anyway.

I will bask in this for a moment longer…