I have passed you now three times on the street, and when we stopped tonight to talk, I knew He had these moments specially designed.  For, you see, He is gentle, He does not push unless it is motivated by “tough love”.  But He is a gracious, compassionate Father, slow to anger, He is patient.

And so He crossed our paths a few times before we actually met, so that our hearts were prepped to see one another yet again.

We once lived life very closely, walked the journey together at times hand in hand, carrying each other’s burdens when it got too heavy.  But of late, we have been on different paths. Our ways, though headed to the same destination, took different roads.

But tonight, they crossed again, and I am thankful to Him for the crossing.

How comforting to discover another Sojourner, one familiar with the path of suffering and pain.  It was as if I looked into your eyes and discovered I was not alone, though I have felt that way for a while now. There are others, I thought.  Others who take the difficult road, the lonely road. And others who know what its like day in, day out. When the burden gets so heavy, and there is no one there to take it. Because, for a time, it is a load that only you can bear. And so, at times, each step is an achievement, each movement, a success.

The road is narrow, and those that find it, do not get there on their own. For none would choose it of their own doing, except that somehow, in some paradoxical way, we choose to keep on it. When we stepped out of our comfortable homes that day He asked us to, the path seem smooth, simple, straight, clear, and clean, through fields of grassy meadows, and majestic forests.  Yes, this path many would take, we think in the comfort of knowing we’re not alone.

But then we reach that corner, where it veers off into the wasteland, where life is scarce, we look both ways and question: How could this be the right way? So few footsteps to follow, even fewer signs of life. It is treacherous through the wilderness, and we feel weakened at its prospect.

“Come,” we hear His words, and follow. “Come, and find your rest.”

Disbelieving, yet believing, we take our brave first step.  Only then, dear friend, fellow Sojourner, do we discover that in that step, we took one step nearer Home.